Aloha Petroleum Launches Pump Safety Program

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Aloha Petroleum Launches Pump Safety Program


HONOLULU, Hawaii -- In an effort to help increase safety at the gas pump, Aloha Petroleum, in partnership with Hawaii FOX affiliate KHON2, has developed the Be Smart, Be Safe campaign, to educate drivers about the importance of following safety guidelines while filling up their tanks. The campaign launches in January, which has also been designated by Aloha Petroleum as Customer Safety and Awareness month.

The Be Smart, Be Safe campaign includes TV PSAs, gas pump toppers and window signs that feature important safety reminders. The toppers and window signs will be displayed at Aloha and Shell branded stations during the month of January. Aloha Petroleum's website also offers additional safety tips such as remembering to turn off your vehicle while refueling, not leaving the gas pump unattended while you fill up, not using a gas cap or other device to hold open the trigger on the gas nozzle, not re-entering your vehicle while fueling up, and refraining from using cell phones or other electronic devices while at the pump.

"Many people think that incidents that can occur at the pump, like static electricity fires, are urban legends. The reality is that they're not," said Richard Parry, Aloha Petroleum president and CEO. "Our campaign not only encourages the public to be more aware of their activities around the pump, but it's also shedding light on the fact that accidents can and do happen, if we're not careful."

The TV PSAs, which will air on KHON2, show how static electricity fires can start when drivers are careless at the pump. One video shows a customer filling five separate gas cans in the bed of a pick-up truck while another video shows how talking on a cell phone while pumping gas can cause gasoline fumes to ignite. Both activities are dangerous to do while refueling.

Added Parry: "The videos in the PSAs demonstrate how a simple, preventable act at a gas pump can result in a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation. With many stations being self-service, it's very important that customers are well aware of safety guidelines."

The footage for the PSAs came from security cameras at Mainland gas stations. The PSAs and safety tips can be viewed at The videos will also be aired on KHON2 later this month and throughout January.