ampm highlights foodservice through Facebook app

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ampm highlights foodservice through Facebook app


STUDIO CITY, Calif. -- Customers of ampm convenience stores aren't limited to the food items listed for sale; with ampm's "Secret Menu" app, they can create their own tasty combinations, In-Store Marketing Institute reported.

The app showcases combinations of items from ampm's prepared foods menu with descriptions of how to make them. Items include the fairly traditional, like the "Tickled Pickle," a cheeseburger loaded up with as many pickles as possible plus a few other toppings, along with the more unusual, like the "Bear in the Cave," a sandwich made with a Klondike Bar and two doughnuts. Customers can submit their own creations and comment on each other's.

The app, which ampm describes as "too much good stuff brought to a whole new level" on the company's Web site, debuted last summer.