BP Identifies, Corrects Source of Fuel Quality Issue

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BP Identifies, Corrects Source of Fuel Quality Issue


WHITING, Ind. -- Just days after BP recalled 50,000 barrels of off-specification gasoline -- the equivalent of 2.1 million gallons, the oil company has identified the source of the problem related to the alkylation unit at its Whiting, Ind., refinery.

Step one was identifying the problem, and now BP has moved on to step two: correcting the problem. According to a company statement, the refinery has made changes to operations at the plant to fix the issue and return fuels produced there back to normal specifications.

"The company also continues to systematically inspect and test the distribution system served by the refinery. BP has confirmed that regular gasoline supplied to gas stations in Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland and Milwaukee is back within normal specifications. Testing of this gasoline will continue to ensure quality," BP said.

The company added that fuel sold from the Milwaukee terminal -- premium and midgrade sales -- is also back within normal specifications. As a precaution, the company has temporally halted distribution and sale of premium and midgrade gasoline in the Chicagoland area pending further testing.

The company has set up a dedicated website to handle inquiries from consumers who may have been affected by the fuel quality issue this week. BP has begun paying claims and is following up with consumers who have contacted the company. Consumers can visit www.bpresponse.com to ask questions or get further information on how to file a claim. Affected customers can also contact the customer hotline at (800) 333-3991.