C-Store Offers Perks for Employees

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C-Store Offers Perks for Employees

WILSON, N.C. -- More than 100 completed job applications fill an accordion folder at the Wilson, N.C. Save More. These applicants are hoping that they will be offered a job, and in turn, a $300 hiring bonus.

Store manager Coleen Yawn told the Daily Times that this bonus will attract better candidates who will work and stay in the position. The bonus discourages people who will work a week and then leave with the $300, as it gives out $100 per month for the first three months after they have been hired.

Yawn told the Daily Times that despite the high number of applicants, it is hard to find the right candidate for the job. Save More pays for the background checks and surveys each candidate must complete, at a cost of $25 per person.

For those employees already working for the Wilson Save More, Yawn offered them the same $100 a month bonus for three months when the program went into effect. "It works all the way around," she told the Daily Times.

Yawn has been in the industry for eight years and doesn't know if any other chains offer this incentive, but she decided to try it out in her location after it proved successful in other Save More stores, the Daily Times reported.

Jeff Lenard, communications director for the National Association of Convenience Stores told the Daily Times that it is uncommon for stores to offer such bonuses. He added "hiring the right people cuts costs for businesses because they're not dealing with turnover as often, and it reduces stress on other employees."