Campbell's Culinary Experts Identify Top Food Trends for 2014

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Campbell's Culinary Experts Identify Top Food Trends for 2014


CAMDEN, N.J. -- In an effort to help retailers identify what consumers are currently eating, as well as what to expect in 2014, Campbell Soup Co.’s Culinary & Baking Institute (CCBI), its global network of chefs, bakers and culinary professionals, released its first-ever Culinary TrendScape report.

A highlight of the new report is the coming year’s 10 most popular food trends, including:

  • Brazilian cuisine – Rio de Janeiro will bring the country’s seafood stews, grilling techniques and local ingredients into the culinary spotlight when it hosts the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • Food waste awareness – Root-to-leaf cooking, repurposing leftovers and composting food scraps at home are all gaining traction with consumers.
  • Fresh juices – Craving better-for-you balance through “juicing,” the health-conscious are “going green” to refresh and recharge.
  • Sophisticated sweets – Spices, botanicals and fresh takes on fruit are hitting the dessert scene.
  • Yogurt goes savory – Greek-style yogurt is showing up in savory, non-spoonable applications like condiments, baked goods and snacks.
  • Beverage-inspired flavors – The bar has inspired the kitchen, with barrel-aged, bottled and brewed flavors moving beyond public-house glasses into everything from hot sauces to barbecue.
  • Bolder burgers – America’s iconic sandwich is changing with the times, with new buns, unique burger patty options like chicken, lamb, elk and brisket and a range of toppings.

The 2014 Culinary TrendScape report -- part of Campbell’s culinary monitoring and tracking system that identifies and categorizes impactful food topics -- shows how American tastes are evolving as a result of global influences and greater awareness of sustainability and nutrition.

“As chefs and bakers, we are naturally inspired by emerging niche food trends that help keep us creative in the kitchen,” said Thomas Griffiths, vice president of Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute. “What fascinates us at Campbell is how these trends have their own lifecycle, from emerging taste discoveries in South America to Japanese-inspired burgers popping up in middle-America restaurants.”

Further information about the Culinary TrendScape report can be found online.

Camden, N.J.-based Campbell Soup Co. is a manufacturer and marketer of high-quality foods and simple meals, including soups and sauces, snacks and healthy beverages.