Chesapeake Joins Forces With GE to Propel Natural Gas Movement

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Chesapeake Joins Forces With GE to Propel Natural Gas Movement


HOUSTON -- Chesapeake Energy Corp. has teamed up with General Electric (GE) in an effort to speed up efforts to adopt natural gas as a fuel alternative.

The two companies have entered into a multi-year partnership intended to develop and bring to market compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

As part of the agreement, GE will provide more than 250 modular and standardized CNG compression stations known as "CNG in A Box." The units will come in two plug-and-play configurations: an 8- by 20-foot container and an 8- by 40-foot container, depending on a site's need. Also available will be GE Wayne-branded dispensers with credit card capabilities and provisions for point-of-sale interfaces.

According to a press release issued by Chesapeake Energy, CNG and LNG represent a cleaner-burning, locally produced and cheaper alternative that traditional hydrocarbons.

"Both GE and Chesapeake are known for taking on tough energy challenges and putting the best minds and technologies and technologies to work to develop solutions," Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake's CEO, said. "The partnership … between GE and Chesapeake's affiliate, Peake Fuel Solutions, combines Chesapeake's natural gas expertise with GE's extensive global manufacturing capabilities and will bring transformative products to industries individual consumers across the U.S. These products and services will allow customers to enjoy the clean, affordable and abundant American natural gas at about half the cost of gasoline."

CNG In A Box locations are expected to begin appearing in the fall.

Norman Herrera, in an with CSNews Online in January, said CNG fuel is about $2 per gallon cheaper than unleaded fuel at the pump.

GE Energy President and CEO John Krenicki said his company is committed to natural gas. "Our technologies help extract it, move it and turn it into power, whether it's highly efficient gas turbines delivering electricity at the utility scale or, in the near future, a vehicle at a refueling station," he said. "What makes this project particularly exciting is that it paves the way to taking the immense reserves of natural gas being discovered in the U.S. and using them right here in the U.S. That paves the way for faster economic growth, energy security, more jobs and reduced environmental impact."