Consumers Like Self-Checkout as an Option

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Consumers Like Self-Checkout as an Option


DULUTH, Ga. -- Consumers like the speed and efficiency of self-checkout, according to a survey released today by NCR Corp.

NCR randomly surveyed 400 U.S. grocery shoppers, half of whom used self-checkout options and the other half utilized cashier assistance. According to the global technology provider, 78 percent of self-checkout users and 60 percent of cashier-assisted customers said "it's usually faster [to use self-checkout] than going through a cashier-assisted line" when asked "What do you like about self-checkout?"

In addition, the NCR survey revealed that 64 percent of self-checkout customers and 44 percent of cashier-assisted participants agreed or strongly agreed with the statement "I believe retailers who offer self-checkout options provide better customer service."

"Shoppers recognize the speed and value self-checkout provides and are eager to see it expanded into other retail segments," said Scott Kingsfield, senior vice president and general manager, NCR Retail. "Even among shoppers using assisted checkout, there's strong appreciation for the benefits this technology provides. Retailers increasingly are finding their shoppers want choices in how they interact with stores at which they shop, and one of the biggest choices these shoppers say they want is self checkout."

According to NCR, basket size is a main factor when customers choose between self-checkout or cashier-assisted options. Consumers seem to prefer self-checkout when their basket size is smaller. Among the self-checkout users, 35 percent said they only use it when they have a few items in their basket.

Similarly, an equal 35 percent of those choosing a cashier-assisted lane state they did so because they had a large number of items in their basket.

NCR conducted the survey at grocery stores in the Northeast and Midwest between January and May. NCR Corp. offers both assisted and self-service retail checkout solutions.