Crescent Oil Upgrades Fuel Technology

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Crescent Oil Upgrades Fuel Technology

AUSTIN, Texas -- Crescent Oil is advancing its alternative fuels infrastructure with the recent purchase of Dresser Wayne Ovation iX fuel dispensers and the Fusion Universal Site Controller. The company plans to implement more than 600 new dispensers throughout its more than 150 retail locations across the Midwestern U.S.

The sites now will be able to sell a wide range of ethanol fuel blends and streamline operations with improved payment security and remote management. "The Fusion controller’s technology helps us make the most of our equipment," Crescent Oil president Phil Near stated. "It is an excellent tool for increasing efficiency and reducing costs."

Crescent Oil selected the Ovation iX dispenser for its flexible hose configuration, which enables the retail sites to dispense high-blend ethanol fuels for flex-fuel vehicles through one hose, while dispensing lower-ratio blends through another hose. Dresser Wayne said it’s the first dispenser to offer blended products on multiple hoses.

The Ovation dispensers are also compliant with the latest payment security regulations from the Payment Card Industry (PCI) -- another key reason Crescent Oil decided to implement the solution. iX Pay secure payment is a scalable solution that exceeds the current regulatory requirements and provides a solid platform to meet upcoming standards. The Ovation iX dispensers feature the iX Technology Platform that also offers optional multimedia marketing, remote monitoring and a redundant in-dispenser point-of-sale system, according to Dresser Wayne.

Dresser Wayne’s Fusion Universal Site Controller seamlessly controls multiple ethanol blends in the dispenser from a wide variety of fuel feedstocks, as well as a wide range of equipment functionality. The Fusion controller offers remote management of multiple systems and dispensers across several sites. It consolidates and simplifies the management of devices, even those from different vendors and in different locations. The combination of the Ovation iX fuel dispenser and the Fusion Universal Site Controller gives Crescent Oil a powerful alternative fuel solution, Dresser Wayne said.

"Dresser Wayne is providing the equipment we need to not only keep pace with the adoption of eco-fuels, but to define it," Near stated.