Frictionless Engagement Part 1: What is Frictionless Engagement? Who is Doing It? And, Why?

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By CSN - 03/04/2019

Frictionless Engagement: A Primer. Part one of a three-part Convenience Store News Webcast Series, sponsored by Paytronix Systems, Inc

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The year-ago launch of Amazon Go, a cashierless store that allows Amazon Prime members to select food and other merchandise from a shelf and walk out of the store without stopping at a checkout stand, has prompted a growing roster of convenience stores chains to implement app-based, self-scanning payment solutions. The reason, similar to Amazon’s, is to provide shoppers with a frictionless checkout experience and allow the retailer to better deploy resources to other tasks in the store.

Frictionless engagement is now a competitive imperative for convenience store retailers. Several chains, including Cruizers in Carolina, Ricker’s and Family Express in Indiana, Parker’s and Enmarket in Georgia, as well as giant 7-Eleven are testing some type of frictionless checkout at their stores. 
What is frictionless engagement? What are its ramifications for the convenience store industry? And, why is this technology something that more and more convenience retailers will be exploring in the year ahead?
In this one-hour webcast, Kim Otocki of Paytronix will provide you with a basic overview of what you need to know today about frictionless engagement including:

  • Why convenience stores and frictionless shopping are a perfect fit
  • How frictionless provides a better customer experience
  • How frictionless shopping can boost your store revenue

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