Fuel Mixup Damages Cars

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Fuel Mixup Damages Cars

DAVISON, Mich. -- A fuel mix up at a Davison, Mich., gas station has left many cars in the shop and the gas station promising to help with damages.

The Davison Shell station actually discovered the fuel mixup caused by a trucking company Wednesday and immediately closed the tanks. By yesterday morning, the right fuel was back in the right tanks.

However, by mid-morning, they started hearing from many motorists whose cars were affected by the mixup. The problem, they said, was traced back to a Wednesday fuel delivery by a relatively new driver who pumped diesel into the unleaded tank.

A spokesman for the Shell station said it would help with the repairs to affected vehicles, adding that the cars can be repaired. It involves flushing and cleaning the fuel system by taking off the gas tank, cleaning that, replacing fuel filters cleaning fuel injectors. While the diesel may make the car sluggish or difficult to start, it shouldn't damage other parts of the vehicle.