Gas Station TV Now Found Under Chevy's Blue Arch

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Gas Station TV Now Found Under Chevy's Blue Arch


BIRMINGHAM, Mich. -- Gas Station TV (GSTV) has joined forces with Chevrolet to create a content experience for viewers at the pump. Specifically, GSTV is combining web content from Chevy's "Under the Blue Arch" campaign with exclusive Chevy-integrated weather forecasts from AccuWeather.

The first GSTV/AccuWeather integration features an on-air meteorologist humming the "Under the Blue" theme song and then quickly shifting into a traditional local weather report. The new content is preceded by a 30-second web feature from the "Under the Blue Arch" campaign and a subsequent 30-second regionally targeted product specific advertisement.

"It is exciting to be able to participate with a campaign as unique and refreshing as Chevy's 'Under the Blue Arch' series," said David Leider, CEO, Gas Station TV. "The Chevy integration with AccuWeather on GSTV is just one very good example of how we can create distinctive solutions to help our advertising partners extend their marketing efforts. I am thrilled to have been a part of it."

AccuWeather has been a content partner for GSTV since 2006.

"We were excited when GSTV brought this concept to us," said Scott Homan, executive director of digital content, AccuWeather. "This integration helps further demonstrate our unique abilities to deepen consumer engagement on behalf of our partners."

Gas Station TV is the largest national video network at the pump, according to the company.