Gas Tax Hikes Spring Up Across U.S.

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Gas Tax Hikes Spring Up Across U.S.

WASHINGTON -- The country is deep in a recession, millions of American are out of work and retail gas prices are inching up ahead of the summer driving season, yet this has not stopped a dozen states from proposing an increase on their gas tax, ABC News reported.

One governor with this idea is Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, who wants to raise the state's gas tax by 19 cents, from 23 cents a gallon to 42 cents per gallon and the highest in the nation, according to the report. New Hampshire, Illinois, Oregon and Ohio are other states looking to raise the gas tax.

"Believe me, this is not something I'm doing joyfully," Patrick told ABC News, adding the cost to consumers will be the equivalent of one large cup of coffee a week.

But residents don't see it that way. "I just can't afford it. It's too high, too high," driver Francis Rivers said of the price at the pump.