Hot Beverages Still Hot

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Hot Beverages Still Hot

NEW YORK -- In the winter, hot beverages remain a hot item for Americans, according to a recent quick poll, which found 65 percent wake up with a hot cup of coffee, and more than half (51 percent) visit a coffee house at least one time a week -- with 30 percent visiting two to three times
a week, according to the Web site.

Although Americans seem to like their coffee in the morning, in the evening the poll discovered 34 percent drink tea, 24 percent drink hot chocolate, 14 percent drink a cappuccino, and 12 percent drink coffee.

Additionally, three out of four U.S. households (75.0 percent) purchased from the total tea category during the 52 weeks ended June 27, 2009, compared with 71.8 percent who bought coffee (prepackaged, UPC-coded products only), Nielsen consumer panel data shows, according to the Web site.

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