Illinois Fuel Retailers Fight Gas Tax

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Illinois Fuel Retailers Fight Gas Tax

NORRIDGE VILLAGE, Ill. -- Gas station owners here voiced opposition against a proposed 5-cent per gallon fuel tax paid by the retailers, during a recent board meeting, reported.

During the meeting, Bill McCloskey of the area's CITGO gas station spoke on behalf of the five gas stations in the town.

"I think you can see that this tax is affecting local businesses," he said during the meeting. "You're not taxing Big Oil here. You're not taxing BP, you're not taxing Shell, you're taxing guys who love the community, that are partners—local businessmen."

McCloskey also spoke of the contributions the gas retailers have made to the community, including sponsorships for Little League teams, the Ridgewood High School senior center and Salvation Army. "We donate to local charities and we really take pride in the fact that we're a part of Norridge. We love Norridge. It's a great community. It's very unique," he added.

During his presentation, McCloskey said two tobacco stores and four gas stations already closed in the area, mostly due to the cigarette tax. He also gave suggestions.

"We feel that if a tax is necessary, you need to find a tax that spreads it out among all the Norridge businesses, not just us five stations that sell fuel," he said, noting a green tax on plastic bottles such as bottled water and cola, and a meals tax for restaurants and convenience stores were other options.

The board agreed to consider McCloskey's proposal, the report stated.