Indiana Gas Stations Receive Grants For E85

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Indiana Gas Stations Receive Grants For E85

INDIANA -- U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar’s office was notified that eight Indiana gas stations will receive grants to establish new E85 fueling locations. E85 is motor fuel with 85 percent ethanol content and 15 percent gasoline.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program made these funds available within the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee Report. Indiana currently has five public E85 refueling stations supported by The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition.

"With high oil prices, ethanol, biodiesel and fuels produced from biomass become increasingly important. Hoosiers growing the feedstocks for these fuels will add to our nation’s security while helping our communities prosper," Lugar said.

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition advocates the use of ethanol as an alternative form of transportation fuel and is supported in those efforts by automakers, corn growers, ethanol producers, the governor’s Ethanol Coalition and other advocates of the use of clean, domestic, renewable fuels.

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition maintains a list of E-85 stations in Indiana at and E-85 compatible cars at

Another provision Lugar has supported will provide a tax credit to gas stations encouraging them to install and/or convert pumps that offer E-85 ethanol. With more than 5 million E-85 capable vehicles in the United States and about 1 million additional vehicles expected annually, the United States could realize an immediate reduction in gasoline consumption by approximately 4.5 billion gallons per year and an annual reduction in fleet greenhouse gas emissions of 26.5 million tons using E-85 fuel.

Last week, CS News Online reported that Lassus Bros. Oil Inc.began selling an ethanol blend at its newest station in Fort Wayne, Ind., making it the first company to pump E-85 for retail customers in that market.