Joe Schmo to Lambo Winner Asked Jay Leno to Buy His Lamborghini

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Joe Schmo to Lambo Winner Asked Jay Leno to Buy His Lamborghini


SANTAQUIN, Utah -- The "Joe Schmo to Lambo" story has become more bizarre.

Following word that the winner of Maverik's Joe Schmo to Lambo contest had crashed his $300,000 lime green Lamborghini, reported David Dopp, who took home the grand prize, solicited NBC talk show host Jay Leno to purchase the car from him.

According to the website, Dopp wrote the following in a Facebook message to Leno on Nov. 28: "Hi, I do not know if Jay sees these post [sic] but I have a problem on my hands. I know that Jay is a big car guy. I recently won a 2008 Lamborghini 2DR ROADSTER Verde Ithaca. The stupid government wants around $100,000 dollars in taxes and so I am forced to sell it to pay the taxes. Plus as a father of six it is a very impractical car. I was wondering if anyone knew where the best place was to sell it? Thank you for any help that can be given. Sincerely David." conjectured that the car crash Dopp suffered may have been done intentionally to collect insurance money. The website hypothesized that since Dopp needs to pay $100,000 in taxes, "the crash needs some serious investigation on the part of both authorities and the insurance company."

Dopp was not seriously injured in the crash and there have been no reports that either police or the insurance company are suspicious of the crash.