Kansas C-stores Prepare for Beer Battle

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Kansas C-stores Prepare for Beer Battle

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Convenience and grocery stores across the state are trying to reform a law to allow the retailers to stock full-strength beer. Current law only allows them to sell beer with an alcohol content of 3.2 percent by weight, less than regular strength beer.

Advocates of the reform argue liquor stores have a monopoly on the sale of full-strength packaged beer, according to a report in The Capital-Journal.

Retailers including Casey's General Stores, QuickTrip and Hy-Vee are limited to offering cereal-malt beverages, or the weaker beer.

"Our industry is out to recapture the share of the market we lost," Bob Alderson, a Topeka attorney and a lobbyist representing Casey's, told the paper.

Bills redefining what type of beer can be sold in convenience and grocery stores have been drafted for consideration during the 2009 legislative session, the report stated.

Critics of the bill contend supermarket and convenience store operators want to sell regular beer to then open up the debate to sell wine and liquor.