Korea Seven Adds Data Warehouse-Driven Marketing, Merchandising Intelligence

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Korea Seven Adds Data Warehouse-Driven Marketing, Merchandising Intelligence

SEOUL, Korea -- Korea Seven Inc., the regional group of 7-Eleven stores, will expand its Teradata data warehouse platform. The enhanced system will be used to provide business intelligence for decision making with a focus on merchandising across more than 1,750 stores, according to the company.

As a result, the company expects to realize economic efficiencies, and increased customer satisfaction and sales from more effective marketing and merchandise management. Since 2002, Korea Seven used its Teradata intelligence platform to support financial reporting and business operations.

"The expanded Teradata system will more precisely manage the complexity of our products and events by comparing and analyzing the system’s index figures and metrics," said Gi-cheol Jang, director of the product division of Korea Seven. "Our merchandising activities can be thoroughly evaluated to improve product management techniques. Ultimately, this will enable more accurate, efficient and effective merchandising practices and lead to an increase in store sales."

Teradata Professional Services will assist with development of the new merchandising system to make it easier for employees to work cooperatively and allow Korea Seven merchandise managers to better analyze new products and pricing, plan events, calculate target purchasing and inventory pricing, and manage target earning rates and sales, the company reported.