KSS Fuels Realigns Product and Service Platform

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KSS Fuels Realigns Product and Service Platform


MANCHESTER, U.K. -- Following its acquisition of Market Planning Solutions Inc. (MPSI) last year, KSS Fuels announced it will go to market now as one company with two highly respected and recognized brand names and a wide array of proven capabilities.

According to the company, it took time following the MPSI acquisition to evaluate the go-forward identity of the combined organization and the makeup of its product and service platform. Going forward, KSS Fuels' marketing approach will reflect the inherent value of both entities.

To define the company's value proposition to clients, KSS Fuels will launch a new marketing campaign during the second quarter of this year built around the theme of "Knowledge. Solutions. Success. We promise."


"By joining forces, we have become the pre-eminent global leader in fuels pricing and retail location intelligence, building upon the recognized strengths of KSS Fuels and MPSI," said Bob Stein, president and CEO. "Our clients now benefit from having a single, integrated source for the data-driven intelligence necessary to optimize pricing strategies and to evaluate and manage retail network locations to enhance profitability and build long-term business value."

Given the combination of the two businesses, products and services from both predecessor organizations have been realigned into three categories: Pricing Intelligence, Location Intelligence and Data Intelligence.

Pricing Intelligence capabilities provide critical data and tools to determine optimal wholesale and retail fuel pricing strategies and to execute them most efficiently. Products and services include PriceNet; PriceTracker; RackPrice; PriceNet Analytics; and Pricing Services such as Pricing Strategy, Fuel Store Link, Network Volume Optimization and Price Ranking Analysis.

Location Intelligence capabilities provide critical data and retail network planning tools to support performance management and strategic capital investment decisions regarding retail operations and site acquisition and disposal. Products and services include MPSI LocationXpert; MPSI Single Site Analysis; MPSI Location Services; Brand Value; Hot Spot Analysis; Market Ranking; and New Site Search.

Data Intelligence capabilities provide data and tools that deliver insight into consumer demographics, market demand, traffic, competition and more. Products and services in this category include MPSI SiteMetrix; MPSI TrafficMetrix -- Published Counts; MPSI TrafficMetrix -- Current Year Estimates; and Gas & Cstore Data.

"With the integrated, global resources of our merged organization, we are now in a position to deliver even greater value to clients," said Stein. "Our services and products are designed to address specific needs of convenience store operators, grocery/big-box retailers, national and multinational oil companies, independent dealers and retailers."

Under the realignment, KSS Fuels will continue to support all legacy KSS Fuels and MPSI products for the foreseeable future and also create valuable new service and business analytic offerings to meet client needs, according to the company.