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Lead at the Front: How Small and Global Operators Drive Forward in 2020

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Nearly 25% of the leading convenience store operators have seen and experienced benefits of WorkJam, the Digital Workplace for the Frontline, driving resiliency and uniform execution across their brand.
It’s the best way to connect and direct your entire frontline, especially within the current business climate. 
WorkJam has helps to deliver operational resiliency to regional and global operators alike by being a single platform and app that delivers the most critical of abilities in the hands of your entire frontline such as task management, crowdsourced shift coverage and training & communications.  Whereas you might have a different tool for each of these capabilities, WorkJam is a single app and platform. 
Attend this webinar to learn more about how WorkJam saves you money and time by offering a single frontline solution to maintain and sustain while your business increases employee engagement, safety, retention and productivity.


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