Mansfield Oil Acquires Western Ethanol

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Mansfield Oil Acquires Western Ethanol

ATLANTA -- Mansfield Oil Co. acquired all of Western Ethanol's assets and added Doug Vind, the company's president, to the Mansfield team.

In addition to providing bulk deliveries of ethanol, Western Ethanol specializes in the distribution of E85 for use in Flex Fuel Vehicles and is a leading distributor of E85 in the western United States.

"Our acquisition of Western Ethanol is an important addition to our renewable fuels strategy and provides Western's customers and suppliers with long-term stability in a partner they have valued for many years," said Douglas Haugh, executive vice president of Mansfield Oil. "We are also excited to add Doug Vind to our management team. He has been an innovator in the ethanol industry over the past two decades and we look forward to integrating his vision and experience into our long-term strategy for our renewable fuels business."

Western Ethanol's customers include major gasoline refiners and large gasoline blenders for bulk ethanol sales, as well as independent gasoline retailers and federal, state and municipal automotive fleets for E85 sales throughout California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

"We look forward to offering our customers the additional supply chain management capabilities provided by Mansfield being able to grow both our wholesaling efforts and proprietary ethanol transloading services business with their support," said Doug Vind, president of Western Ethanol.