Miss. C-Stores to Eye Meth Ingredients

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Miss. C-Stores to Eye Meth Ingredients

PASCAGOULA, Miss. -- Officials in Mississippi want convenience store operators to tip off law enforcement officers when shoppers buy household products that could be used to make methamphetamines.

The District Attorney's office in Jackson County said a Meth Watch Program like those in surrounding George and Greene counties should encourage the public to help fight drugs, according to the Mississippi Business Journal. The program would use local merchants to identify people buying household products that are used to make methamphetamines. Participating stores would post signs advertising the Meth Watch.

Employees would be trained to observe and report suspicious activity involving large quantities of cold medicines, nail polish remover, brake cleaner, batteries and other products. They would also observe buying habits and the appearance of the people making the purchases.

If a store spotted someone buying unusually large quantities, the merchant would call the police and an investigation would begin. State and county officials said the program would deter meth users from buying the products, adding that convicted users have told police that the signs advertising the program in other counties made them afraid to shop at those stores.

Kansas, Wyoming, Illinois and Montana have developed similar programs.