PEI-NATSO Conference Prepares for DEF Demand

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PEI-NATSO Conference Prepares for DEF Demand

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) -- NATSO Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Conference opened with goal-shattering attendance levels, demonstrating the commitment of players throughout the industry to meeting their customers’ need for DEF, the associations reported.

NATSO, which is the trade association of America’s truck stops and travel plazas, joined PEI, the trade association for petroleum equipment marketing, in organizing the conference that drew 375 participants representing chemical manufacturers and distributors, equipment suppliers, fleets, truck stops and other fuel retailers.

"Attendance levels quickly outstripped our initial goal of reaching 150 people," NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings said in a released statement. "Clearly, players across the supply chain recognize that DEF is coming, and they are eager to seize opportunities to prepare for it."

In a few months, trucks with 2010 engines will be hitting the road, and most exhaust systems on them will use selective catalytic reduction to meet emissions standards. These trucks will require DEF to operate, and distributors, suppliers, fuel retailers and trucking companies are preparing now for this product.

"What’s most exciting about this conference is the range of interests represented in the room," noted PEI Executive Vice President and General Counsel Bob Renkes. "Not only did we see the DEF manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, but also the regulators, retailers and end users. Every element of the DEF equation was here, with key players sharing information, making connections, and putting the pieces in place."

With business owners formulating plans and identifying needed investments, the sessions featured several experts who provided insight on the factors that will drive DEF demand.

Expert speakers also tackled topics ranging from DEF quality concerns, label requirements, storage and dispensing requirements to fire codes and marketing at the truck stop.

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