Petro-Canada Leaves 90 Stations Dry

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Petro-Canada Leaves 90 Stations Dry

EDMONTON, Alberta -- In the wake of a failed catalytic cracking unit, Petro-Canada has faced a severe gas shortage that is currently impacting nearly 90 stations in British Columbia and Alberta.

Earlier this month, Petro-Canada spokeswoman Kelli Stevens told CSNews Online that areas of Alberta and British Columbia will have "temporary run outs" and "delivery reduced rates."

"There will be an inconvenience factor, but we are spreading it as sparingly and equitably as possible," Stevens told CSNews Online.

CBC News reports the company is working around the clock with upwards of 120 employees addressing shortage and delivery issues.

Calgary gas bar owner John Balanazario told CBC News that he has been forced to offer higher-grade fuels at lower grade prices and absorb the losses out of their own pockets.

As Petro-Canada works to overcome the shortages, Mike Percy, dean of the University of Alberta School of Business, told CBC News if the issue continues for an extended period, the company could realize significant longstanding losses.

"People may switch," Percy told CBC News. "Whether they switch in the long term, it depends on the convenience of the particular Petro-Canada station."