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Redefine Cleaning with the new Floorwash Battery Floor Scrubber

Designed to entirely remove dirt and bacteria from all floor surfaces with a single pass.

Traditional methods of floor cleaning fall short of today’s standards. Mops fail to remove the dirt entirely and end up spreading the dirt around causing more buildup of bacteria. Our solution, the Floorwash Battery Floor Scrubber, cleans and picks up unwanted dirt with a single pass. Free from corded limitations, this floor care machine allows the cleaning of 30 different floor types with all the advantages of a Lithium-Ion battery:

️ 60 minutes of continuous use
️ 90 minutes of charging cycle
️ 50% energy saving compared to corded models

The two counter-rotating brushes coupled with the high-speed brush rotation penetrate hard to remove buildup that traditional methods cannot. This versatile machine can tackle all your toughest jobs with ease from carpet, tile & grout, concrete, ceramic, and more!

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