Sheetz Captures Olympic Spirit With MTO Competition

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Sheetz Captures Olympic Spirit With MTO Competition


ALTOONA, Pa. -- The 2012 Summer Olympics may still be a few months away, but Sheetz is getting into the spirit of the games with its annual Sheetz MTO (Made-to-Order) Olympics. The competition will take place March 20 at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pa.

The competition, now in its 11th year, started with 410 three-person teams who competed locally and regionally. Tuesday's event will find the 12 top teams competing for the national title.

During the competition leading up to the title round, each team prepared exactly the same food items, with the items becoming more complicated as the competition advanced. Judging criteria includes recipe accuracy, portioning, preparation speed, presentation and food-handling safety, according to the convenience store company.

"MTO food is the hallmark of our business," CEO Stan Sheetz explained. "So to be taken seriously by customers as a place for great food, our employees making the food also have to take it seriously. This competition was developed as a fun, clever way to engage them and to make the point that we are a serious contender in the food and beverage category."

For next week's final competition, kitchen equipment will be set-up exactly like it is in store kitchens to replicate actual store settings. The teams will be required to make food items as well as prepare specialty drinks that are offered in every store.

"It's a very elaborate competition and our judges are exacting in the level of quality on which the teams will be evaluated," Stan Sheetz added. "Every team competing at this level should be proud of their accomplishment to be one of 12 teams from among our more than 400 stores. They will not only compete for the title, but also can receive some significant cash and other prizes."