Shell Launches New Fuels

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Shell Launches New Fuels

HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Products US and Motiva Enterprises LLC today introduced new gasolines that are specially formulated to improve fuel economy by reducing friction in the engine.

The new Shell formulation, which is offered in all three grades -- regular, plus and premium -- can add up to 125 miles per year for a customer driving 12,500 miles per year. The roll out is being supported by a $25 million advertising campaign, the company said.

"During every part of the customer experience, we strive to provide the convenience, value and products that customers have told us they want," said Brooks Herring, manager of brand and strategy for the retail division of Shell Oil Products US. "Shell and Motiva are dedicated to giving customers the best quality and value for their money, which is why all Shell gasolines have been specially formulated to give better mileage starting with the very first tank."

The launch also supports Shell and Motiva's push into the United States, which included a massive rebranding effort of all remaining Texaco convenience stores and gas stations nationwide.

"Shell and Motiva are dedicated to giving customers the best value for their money, so whichever grade they choose -- regular, plus or premium unleaded -- their engine will benefit from better mileage starting with the very first tank," said Russell Caplan, vice president of retail for Shell Oil Products US.

Prior to developing the new fuel, Shell conducted extensive consumer research, which revealed that drivers value the time and money saved as a result of improved fuel economy. In addition, the new Shell formulation has significantly more detergent than gasolines at minimum EPA detergency requirements to help protect against the build-up of harmful carbon deposits inside the engine. A clean engine not only performs better, but also produces fewer emissions.