Shell Launches Nitrogen-Enriched Gas

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Shell Launches Nitrogen-Enriched Gas

HOUSTON -- Shell stations across the United States unveiled a new product Monday -- three grades of Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline containing a patented cleaning system designed to destroy engine carbon deposits.

Nitrogen is a key element of the active cleaning molecule in the new fuel, making it significantly more stable at higher temperatures common in modern engines, such as direct fuel-injection gasoline engines, Shell Oil Products US said in a statement. The increased stability ensures the molecule can work under much tougher engine conditions by resisting thermal breakdown better than conventional cleaning additives.

"At Shell, our 'Passionate Experts' are dedicated to helping motorists get the most out of every drop of gasoline," Jens Mueller-Belau, fuels portfolio and category manager North America, Shell Retail, said in a statement. "With Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines, our scientists have increased the effectiveness of our cleaning additive, offering consumers our most advanced technology ever."

Shell worked with automotive manufacturers to gain insight into current and future engine technologies. The Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines were tested in laboratories, independent testing facilities and on the road, accumulating more than a half-million miles in various vehicles and engines, including conventional, turbo-charged and direct fuel-injection gasoline engines, as well as hybrids, newer and older vehicles.

Shell scientists also made head-to-head comparisons with lower quality gasolines, whereby engines simultaneously ran on different types of gasoline. The results of these comparisons proved that the Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines are more effective than lower-quality gasolines in protecting against the build-up of harmful engine gunk, Shell said in a statement.

"In today's tough economy, American drivers are concerned about protecting their vehicle since it's one of their largest investments," said Mueller-Belau. "We want to help protect that investment. That's why we want them to educate consumers that there is a difference in the gasoline they choose. Using lower-quality gasolines can result in gunky build-up on critical engine parts, negatively impacting engine performance. Shell gasolines help drivers say 'No' to gunk."

Shell is supporting the launch of Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines with a national marketing campaign, including national TV, radio and online advertising, as well as point-of-purchase signage at Shell-branded stations nationwide. The new campaign builds on the current "Passionate Experts" platform, focusing on the company's commitment to fuel quality and passion for developing innovative new products.

Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Co., has a network of more than 6,000 branded gasoline stations in the Western United States. Shell Oil Co. is 50-percent owner of Motiva Enterprises LLC, along with Saudi Refining Inc. Motiva Enterprises LLC refines and markets branded products through more than 8,200 branded stations in the Eastern and Southern United States.