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Small C-Store Operators Study Highlights

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What are the critical challenges facing single- to 20-store chain operators today? How does the financial performance of small convenience chain operators compare with that of larger chains? What does it take to be a successful small chain in the convenience store industry today?

These important questions and more will be explored in this free webcast, based on the new, exclusive Convenience Store News Report on Small C-store Operators.

Despite the trend toward retailer consolidation, the top 10 chains account for only 27 percent of the c-store industry’s count. Single-store operators still account for 62.3 percent of all industry stores, and small chains consisting of from 2 to 20 stores continue to represent significant sales revenue across all key categories, from fuel to foodservice.

In this special webcast, Don Longo, Editorial Director of Convenience Store News, will review the survey results for 2019 tobacco (including OTP), motor fuel, beer/malt beverages, foodservice, packaged beverages, candy and snacks sales. Then, he’ll moderate an insightful question and answer period with Roy Strasburger, president, StrasGlobal, operators of convenience stores in several regions of the country and an expert on small operations. The two will have a conversation about the critical challenges facing small chains and what post-pandemic advice they have for these entrepreneurial operators. Also joining will be Natasha Webster, Sr. Director R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, who will briefly walk through how to navigate the vapor category after the PMTA deadline date.

Sponsored by Reynolds American, this special webcast will examine the financial performance by product category of retailers that operate from one to 20 convenience stores.



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