South Florida Better Business Bureau Gives MyGallons Second Chance

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South Florida Better Business Bureau Gives MyGallons Second Chance

MIAMI -- received good news Friday as the South Florida Better Business Bureau (SFBBB) announced it revised the company's "F" rating to "NR."

The reversal came as a result of a meeting with Founder and CEO of the fixed price gas savings program, Steven Verona, who presented the bureau with the necessary information it requested, however, the company has work to do yet.

An excerpt from the "Comments & Analysis" section of the SFBBB's report stated: "The Better Business Bureau challenged the company's advertising regarding their offer, and the company met with the Better Business Bureau on July 9, 2008, and has modified it claims. The company's merchant services provider, PowerPay, has assured the Bureau that membership fees processed by them on behalf of customers have been placed in a non-interest bearing escrow account," the report continued. "As of this date acknowledges it does not have a contract in place with a vendor who can process transactions with gas stations across the country, and they have suspended accepting membership fees. The Bureau will issue a new report as the company's evaluation continues."

Verona said in a released statement: "I'm encouraged by the meeting with the South Florida Better Business Bureau and pleased that they have revised the MyGallons rating," Verona said in a released statement. "I anticipate earning an 'A' rating once our new payment network is in place. We look forward to being back on track and giving the American consumer the program that they clearly desire."

As of July 1, Regan Hutton, a senior vice president for the US Bank Voyager Fleet System, confirmed that MyGallons will use the bank's payment network. Despite Hutton's claims, US Bank refuses to honor the agreements, insisting there are none in place.

"These statements show that US Bank was on board and ready to implement the program. MyGallons has always acted in good faith with the American public and I'm extremely disappointed that US Bank has harmed our efforts and delayed our service," Verona said in a released statement.