Southern Calif. 7-Eleven Stores Catch the ViB

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Southern Calif. 7-Eleven Stores Catch the ViB

DALLAS -- This week, more than 850 7-Eleven locations in southern California began selling the relaxation beverage ViB (pronounced Vibe), short for "Vacation in a Bottle."

The distribution deal includes 7-Eleven stores in 218 southern California cities from San Diego through Orange County, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. ViB's two flavors -- original Pomegranate and new Mango Lime -- retail for $1.99 at participating stores.

"We are proud to collaborate with such a well-established powerhouse like 7-Eleven. When it comes to convenient locations and high-quality products, there's no better place for our brand to be. With this new distribution agreement, we are one step closer to helping America de-stress," stated Travis Hollman, co-founder of Vacation in a Bottle.

ViB's main ingredient is the amino acid L-Theanine, the same ingredient that gives green tea its calming effect. Combined with other amino acids and B vitamins, it is a low-sugar, no-caffeine, lightly carbonated beverage that relaxes while increasing focus and concentration. In addition to 7-Eleven, ViB is now available at ARCO, ampm, QuikTrip, Albertsons and United Market Street stores, according to the company.

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