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St. Joe Petroleum Cuts HR Costs Using PeopleMatter

St. Joseph, Mo. -- St. Joe Petroleum Co. has improved its bottom line with the help of PeopleMatter human resources (HR) software.

According to the convenience store chain and technology provider, return on investment increased as sourcing improved, onboarding time decreased and turnover was reduced by 24 percent.

In addition, St. Joseph, Mo.-based St. Joe announced that it increased its annual tax credits by $49,500, thanks to PeopleMatter HR software it utilizes.

"We hire managers who can run a store, but they don't typically have an HR background," said Matt Flynn, St. Joe's director of retail operations. "PeopleMatter helps our managers easily and effectively hire the right people. We have cut the time spent on hiring in half, mostly in verification of paperwork." St. Joe first used Charleston, S.C.-based PeopleMatter software programs in Sept. 2011. The c-store chain added PeopleMatter's SCHEDULE technology platform in May.

Janet Christmas, St. Joe's general manager, noted that the best part about using HR software is the assistance it provides with I-9 and W2 forms, as well as tax credits.

"As a manager, you get busy and can let things slide," relayed Christmas. "PeopleMatter doesn't let me forget. It e-mails reminders, and I can pop in there to finish a form, make reference calls and save notes."

St. Joe Petroleum, founded in 1978, operates seven Fastgas convenience stores.

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