Survey: McDonald's Gaining Ground on Starbucks

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Survey: McDonald's Gaining Ground on Starbucks

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- McDonald's is waging an all-out assault on the coffee industry and seems to be gaining ground in the battle of the baristas. Although Starbucks is still No. 1 (9.2 percent of consumers frequent the coffee house chain most often for their java fix), McDonald's has consistently grown since May 2007, according to analysis of BIGresearch's May 2009 Consumer Intentions & Actions (CIA) Survey.

With the rollout of a multiplatform advertising campaign estimated at more than $100 million, the Golden Arches will likely continue to build momentum.

According to the analysis, McDonald's coffee drinkers (those who purchase coffee most often from the fast food chain) tend to be older than Starbucks drinkers. McDonald’s has an average age of 47.7 vs. 39.2 for Starbucks. Meanwhile, 46.8 percent of Starbucks drinkers are in the 18-34 age range, compared to 25.8 percent for McDonald's.

Other key findings of the survey:

-- More Starbucks coffee drinkers are single, at 29.1 percent vs. 19 percent of McDonald's drinkers, and a higher percentage of them hold professional/managerial positions at their place of work (27.2 percent vs.15.7 percent for McDonald’s).

Starbucks drinkers also report a higher annual income of $67,487 vs. $55,572.

-- 33.7 percent of McDonald's coffee drinkers are confident/very confident in the economy, vs. 30.3 percent of Starbucks drinkers.

-- 72.7 percent of McDonald's drinkers are focusing more on needs over wants, vs. 65.7 percent of Starbucks drinkers.

-- 44.2 percent of McDonald's drinkers are buying more store brand/generics vs. 36.2 percent of Starbucks drinkers.

-- 26.4 percent of McDonald's drinkers feel better about their economic situation vs. 34.4 percent of Starbucks drinkers.

-- 20.8 percent of McDonald's drinkers are starting to spend more on discretionary items, vs. 21.4 percent of Starbucks drinkers.

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