Tapping Into Seasonal Insights Can Drive Candy Sales 


CHICAGO — With the holidays right around the corner, seasonal insights can help convenience store retailers to increase product sales.

Mars Wrigley U.S. collected key insights into what's important to the shopper at certain points within each season and developed recommendations to help retailers shift to see seasonal opportunities year-round and increase product sales. These recommendations include:

  • Plan for seasonal items and promotions throughout the year;
  • Link external communications to the internal experience; and
  • Introduce strategic merchandising tactics.

Plan for Seasonal Items & Promotions Throughout the Year

Retailers need to approach seasonal products, within or outside the core four holidays, as year-round opportunities. A few examples include:

  • Mix "master" and "mini" seasonal moments. Retailers should mix master seasons, like Christmas, with mini-seasons, like Super Bowl Sunday to achieve this through year-round, affordable gifting geared toward millennials.
  • Leverage summer as the fifth season. Retailers have the opportunity to drive sales from early May through Labor Day with "mini" celebrations like Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, back-to-school and Labor Day, including summer traditions like road trips, barbecues and a moment to enjoy a summer treat like ice cream.
  • Promote seasonal moments early. To increase sales, create promotions that begin weeks before the mini or core four holidays.  

Link External Communications to the Internal Experience

To ensure products become planned purchases and make it from the aisle to the basket, retailers should link external promotions, such as web banners, with the internal merchandising experience.

Introduce Strategic Merchandising Tactics

Implementing seasonal promotions to increase visibility will help retailers leverage seasonal confectionery's impulsivity and increase shopper satisfaction in stores. A few recommendations include:

  • Navigational cues. Retailers can inspire impulse seasonal purchases by bringing the season to life in the main seasonal aisle with a big owned statement related to the holiday. Additionally, provide touch points throughout the store that complement the main aisle using secondary displays.
  • Create mini destinations. Provide solutions in the aisle and throughout the store that highlight the season and inspire shoppers.
  • Insert bold pricing. Bold pricing on candy is critical to driving aisle navigation and encouraging impulse confectionery purchases to meet shoppers' different budgets.
  • Utilize the checkout space. Showcase seasonal products in high-visibility checkout areas to invoke shoppers' impulsivity before they exit the store.

"Consumers are using confections at mini and master moments to create celebrations year-round. This trend is growing, and we don't expect it to change," said Jim Dodge, vice president of convenience, Mars Wrigley. "C-store retailers have a great opportunity to capture the consumer and remind them why confections are vital to any celebration. In turn, retailers will drive sales and create a more exciting shopping experience."