Tobacco Products Display Comes Under Microscope

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Tobacco Products Display Comes Under Microscope


LUMBERTON, N.C. -- Some tobacco-related products are coming under fire by one North Carolina lawmaker, and his proposal would have a direct effect on convenience stores.

Rep. Charles D. Graham (D-Lumberton) contends that, in particular, tobacco and pipe wrapping paper are conducive to drug use. To help combat this, he wants to introduce legislation that would prohibit stores from displaying these items, according to the

"My concern here is our young children, our adolescents," Graham said. "We need to start reshaping their mindsets and send a message out there to the convenience store owner it's not OK to promote this with young children."

Some convenience store owners the news outlet spoke with were in favor of the ban. Pembroke store operator Harold Dean Allen said approximately 25 to 30 people buy tobacco wrapping paper from him every day; however, he did not think the change would affect his business.

"That will be fine with me," he said. "I don't hardly display it anyway. I have it on the shelf but I don't have it reachable."

Graham explained that it is too late to introduce the legislation this session but he hopes to propose it next May.