Truck Stop from the Future

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Truck Stop from the Future

SOMEWHERE IN U.S. -- MARCH 16, 2021 -- Joe’s Travel Plaza, located somewhere in the United States, offers motorists a free ultrasonic car wash "If We Don’t Have a Fuel That’s Compatible with Your Car!"

Well, that’s not entirely true. Joe’s Travel Plaza is actually located in the mind of an inspired Wired magazine reader, who submitted his vision of what the truck stop of the future would look like. To see his vision, click here.

You see, each month, Wired proposes a scenario and asks its readers to sketch out their vision of the future. The magazine then uses the best suggestions to create its "Future Found" photo feature.

This month’s future vision depicts Joe’s as a travel plaza in the year 2021, featuring:
• Unleaded gas for $29.99 per gallon and diesel for $37.99 per gallon;
• "Uncle Willie’s Kind Green" premium select Bio-D for $13.99; with a “sour mash” blend for $17.99;
• An E-Coli bacterial blend fuel, sold in kilograms;
• Ethanol blends from 100 to 151 "proof";
• Hydrogen for a flat rate of $99.99, including fuel cell inspection;
• And a "branded" Oscar Mayer methane fuel in various concentrations.

The sign outside this truck stop of the future also promotes new non-prescription Red Bull Overdrive as well as five minutes free charging for electric vehicles. A banner sign near the fuel station warns truckers to be sure their rig is up to code because Western Hemisphere Free Trade enforcers "are watching."

There is no indication of how other products inside the store have "evolved" over the years, but the image does show a Starbucks "Diner" as part of the travel plaza.

How accurate is this prediction? How do you think products inside the store will change?
Go to and upload your ideas. We’ll use the best suggestions in our special 40th anniversary issue, coming in July.