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The True Inconvenience of Downtime in C-Stores: How to Avoid Reboots, Shutdowns and More

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Things are always going great until the moment they aren’t. This especially rings true in the convenience fuel retail (CFR) world, where unplanned system downtime can be devastating. While those minutes, hours or days of downtime feel like the worst part, the ramifications extend far beyond those moments as downtime can lead to lost customers and revenue. Complex IT infrastructure seen today in modern fuel retailers makes implementation delivery and management of software difficult across devices, often leading to software malfunction. Join us for a discussion about the true cost of downtime.

Featuring Steve Bown, Global Retail IT Manager, ExxonMobil, Eric Smith, VP Worldwide Convenience Fuel Retail, Zynstra, an NCR Company and Gabe Olives, CIO, Impact21. This webinar will cover what CFRs need to know about the consequences of IT downtime and its solutions, including:

  • Unique data, collected by Censuswide, highlighting the causes and impacts of store system failure in CFRs today
  • How much revenue CFRs lose during downtime via missed transactions and poor customer experiences
  • The benefits of Software Defined Store deployment to help CFRs avoid downtime and recover more quickly

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