ViVOtech Launches ViVOtag and ViVOapps

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ViVOtech Launches ViVOtag and ViVOapps

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- ViVOtech launched a ViVOtag sticker solution and the backend ViVOapps mLoyalty redemption software enabling merchants to deliver targeted and engaging mobile advertising, marketing and loyalty programs to customers' existing mobile phones, the company reported.

Without fast and intuitive electronic redemption at the point-of-sale (POS), mobile marketing may not become widespread, according to the vendor. However, ViVOtag adds intuitive contactless technology, which can be applied to any mobile phone today turning it into a loyalty device.

Additionally, ViVOapps mLoyalty redemption software allows merchants to bundle a loyalty program with mobile add, coupons and promotions and deliver them via text, SMS or MMS message to the consumer's mobile phone, the company reported.

In order to redeem one or more coupons, the consumer simply taps their ViVOtag enabled phone once onto the contactless POS at the checkout. Consumers can also receive in-store personalized services, advertising or offers by tapping their phone onto contactless-enabled kiosks, digital signage, price checkers or POS systems to notify merchants of their presence in the store.

ViVOtech's ViVOtag contactless payment device comes in multiple sizes and has an option for a built-in magnetic field isolation layer, allowing the tag to be attached safely onto the back of most existing mobile handsets on the market today, according to the company. Also, ViVOtag can be branded and customized for any loyalty and marketing program by retailers.

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