Weird But True: New Food Dispenser 'Mashes' the Competition

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Weird But True: New Food Dispenser 'Mashes' the Competition


INTERNATIONAL REPORT -- 7-Eleven is the place to go for Slurpees and Big Gulp drinks. But at many of the chain’s convenience stores overseas, it's also a good place to go when you have a craving for mashed potatoes and gravy, according to media reports.

A unique mashed potatoes-dispensing machine manufactured by food and condiments company Maggi has drawn considerable attention recently from those not used to seeing the comfort food available at a convenience store – from a dispenser, no less. The machine mixes instant mashed potato powder with water and dispenses it into a disposable tub, then tops the potatoes with gravy. The whole thing costs only a dollar or two.

While it might be a bizarre sight for U.S. consumers, the dispenser is reportedly a common feature at 7-Eleven stores in Europe and Asia, especially in Singapore. A 7-Eleven representative declined to provide details on the machine or its prospects for installation in North American stores, but noted that individual store owners are responsible for requesting foodservice hardware for their locations, according to a report.

It's difficult to say whether mashed potatoes from a dispenser would be widely accepted in U.S. c-stores, but one thing's for sure: the machine could speed up Thanksgiving Dinner preparations.