White Hen's New Rechargeable Giftcards Showing Promise

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White Hen's New Rechargeable Giftcards Showing Promise

LOMBARD, Ill. – Earlier this month, all White Hen stores in the Chicago market received reusable Pantry Select gift cards, and it's been "so far, so good," according to Ari Goldsmith, advertising and marketing manager for White Hen.

"We have loaded 1,000 cards in the first week," Goldsmith told CSNews Online. "They are so new, people are just noticing it."

While there aren't any actual numbers out yet on the number of cards being sold and recharged, the initial results look promising to Goldsmith.

She told CSNews Online that the cards are geared towards White Hen's habitual customers, who can "toss it in their back pocket" instead of carrying cash with them.

The chain's Boston area stores are also slated to receive the cards. Although Goldsmith doesn't know exactly when, "they definitely have the opportunity to pick up any corporate initiatives," she said.

The cards are featured on a display rack on the front counter of stores and there is a register mat by the cashier promoting the gift cards.