2021 Best New Products Awards Winner: Foodservice/Bakery

Rich's Ready to Finish Dessert Donuts come in four on-trend varieties.

Rich's Ready to Finish Dessert Donuts — Banana Cream Pie, Rich Products Corp.

Consumers are seeking unique, indulgent flavors, and the new Filled Dessert Donuts line from Rich's ticks all the boxes. Bringing a fresh-baked aroma to the store, the process is turnkey: thaw, heat, glaze and serve. C-store operators can order optional topping kits for even more variety. With seasonal colors and holidays, the limited-time-offer possibilities are endless. Once just a breakfast staple, donuts are now an all-day treat. Our panelists tried all four on-trend varieties — Banana Cream Pie, Fudge Brownie, Neapolitan, and Apple Pie. Banana Cream Pie, a banana-flavored yeast donut ring filled with two flavors (vanilla pudding and cookie-flavored buttercream) topped with vanilla cookie pieces was the favorite.