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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about CSNews Awards.

An Inside Look at the 2020 Best New Products Awards Winners

These 38 products are lauded for meeting consumers' evolving needs and fitting a convenience store's value proposition.

2020 Best New Products Awards Winner: Alternative Snacks/Bars

The ONE Peanut Butter Cup protein bar is gluten free and offers 20 grams of protein.

Weighing in at a full quarter-pound, the Big Bag features Old Trapper's signature clear view packaging.

Big John's Pickled Eggs provide a shelf-stable merchandising opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of protein snacks.

Panelists said Blue Moon LightSky is "light but flavorful."

Forth CBD Soft Chews are designed to be an ideal impulse purchase.

Panelists called the KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate from Hershey "a dessert version of a KIT KAT bar."

Rev Energy Gum offers a more consistent dose of caffeine than coffee.

The two-in-one flavor of Starburst Swirlers makes for a nice punch.

American Licorice's Grape Sour Punch Straws pack a sweet and sour punch.

Frigo Cheese Heads' newest innovation is a two-in-one snacking combo.

Van's Kitchen Egg Rolls are a versatile offering that meets retailer and consumer demand for Asian flavor.

Del Monte Fruit Crunch Parfaits are a coconut-based, non-dairy yogurt alternative.

Mighty Swell fits the flavor-forward seltzer niche that is overlooked by the zero-sugar and low-calorie alternatives.

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