2021 Best New Products Awards Winner: Foodservice/Home Meal Replacement

Johnsonville's new sausages are perfect for diversifying the roller grill.

Smoked Honey & BBQ Sausage, Johnsonville

A recent proprietary study by Johnsonville found that 63 percent of consumers say it's important to have a unique flavor as part of an offering at a c-store. In addition, 67 percent said items made by a national brand would make them more likely to purchase an item at a c-store. Those are the stats that drove the creation of Johnsonville's new sausages — a foodservice item that is perfect for diversifying the roller grill, and a great add-on for c-store menus. The sausages come in bold flavors, including Southern Style BBQ, Smoked Honey & BBQ, and Ultimate Queso. Our testers liked the Smoked Honey & BBQ variety best.