2021 Best New Products Awards Winner: Salty Snacks/Ready-to-Eat Popcorn

Testers liked Gold Medal Gourmet Popcorn's nostalgic flavor.

Gold Medal Gourmet Popcorn, Gold Medal Products Co.

The most successful snack product selections are those that appeal to shoppers and deliver attractive profit margins. Gold Medal Gourmet Popcorn delivers margins as high as 72 percent. Our testers liked the product's nostalgic flavor and easy grab-and-go packaging. They were fans of all three "fresh-tasting" varieties, but the Caramel & Cheddar Mix scored the highest. The integrity of Gold Medal Gourmet Popcorn is linked to its thorough process. It is carefully crafted in small batches to create exceptional-quality flavor profiles. One of the distinguishing features is that the popcorn is wet popped, which means the kernels are popped in specially designed oils and seasonings for maximum flavor.