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2024 Online Ordering Trends for Convenience Stores

Thursday, June 6 at 2pm ET
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Online orders only account for low single digit percentages of all orders for convenience stores today. However, this market is expected to grow significantly ahead of 2031, making now the time to capitalize on this trend and become a market leader in your space.

The 2024 Online Ordering Trends for Convenience Stores webinar will navigate the essentials of selecting, implementing, and optimizing online ordering systems that integrate seamlessly with loyalty programs, enhance customer satisfaction, and significantly boost revenue. Take your convenience store business to the next level with actionable insights and real-world examples of successful online ordering implementations.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  • Increased Revenue through Online Engagement: Learn how integrating and mastering an online ordering system can increase your revenue, with businesses like Rutter’s seeing a 25% lift in sales and Filling Co. averaging 1,800 orders per week through their platforms.
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Discover strategies to streamline operations and reduce costs, including the adoption of digital menus and automated inventory management, which not only save labor but also strengthen customer service efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Retention: Gain insights into how loyalty program integration with online ordering can boost customer retention, with case studies demonstrating significant increases in customer engagement and order frequency, contributing to a more profitable bottom line.
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