7-Eleven Asset Protection Team Helps Fight Crime

DALLAS — Convenience stores might make an attractive target for criminals, but well-trained employees can reduce the number of actual incidents. 7-Eleven Inc. proved this recently when its asset protection (AP) team, franchisees, sales associates and law enforcement coordinated to end a month-long crime spree in Washington State, LP Magazine reported.

A single man had committed crimes at 20 7-Eleven stores and other retail outlets in the area from Nov. 26 to Dec. 24. However, law enforcement and retailers knew to look for him thanks to regular communication from 7-Eleven, and when he struck on Christmas Eve, he was immediately apprehended.

"Franchisees, store managers and sales associates all played crucial roles in this case by quickly reporting incidents to the asset protection hotline," Mike Aldridge, 7-Eleven's asset protection specialist & law enforcement liaison, told the news outlet. "The faster an incident is reported, the faster the asset protection team can respond and help bring resolution."

The asset protection team reviews all robbery incidents that are reported to its hotline, analyzing surveillance video and images to solve the case and prevent future incidents.

7-Eleven Corporate Asset Protection Investigator Ryan Scherschell is in charge of reviewing robberies in the Pacific Northwest Zone and was able to link together multiple crimes committed by the same man.

"The [asset protection] team provided continuous updates to the field AP team members, who leveraged their partnerships with field leadership to disseminate the information," Aldridge said. "The result was a decrease in the average dollar amount loss per incident, as well as a reduction in the time it took stores to report incidents to the AP hotline."

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