7-Eleven Canada Chills with New Slurpee

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7-Eleven Canada Chills with New Slurpee

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- With swimsuit season under way, 7-Eleven Canada has created a way to offer customers a frozen cappuccino Slurpee -- without the guilt. Called the Slurpuccino, the new frozen beverage contains no fat, cholesterol or dairy products.

The idea for the drink began more than a year ago, when the retailer said it discussed flavor options with customers. Coffee flavor was consistently mentioned as a favorite, but consumers were concerned over the fat content in icy cappuccino drinks.

"We wanted to create an icy cappuccino drink that would be a fun and tasty alternative for people who love coffee and Slurpees," Brad Beaton, product manager for 7-Eleven Canada, said in a statement. "Now, not only can people enjoy Slurpuccino's smooth and creamy taste, but they can also appreciate it's a fat- and cholesterol-free, more-affordable alternative to the majority of frozen cappuccino drinks currently available."

The drink contains 150 calories per 12-ounce serving, compared to many other frozen cappuccino beverages that range from 190 to 300 calories, and has no fat, whereas competing frozen cappuccinos do, the company stated.

The Slurpuccino also contains coffee extracts, but has a minimal amount of caffeine -- at 3.45 milligrams per 12-ounce serving -- less caffeine than a carbonated soft drink Slurpee and an average cup of coffee, according to the c-store chain.

It is offered at the same prices -- 99 cents to $1.79 -- as other Slurpee drinks.