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7-Eleven Coffee Drinkers Have Bush Ahead

ORLANDO, Fla. -- With two weeks left in the 2004 race, 7-Eleven Inc.’s second quadrennial poll is going on. As of Monday afternoon, Bush had 17.84 percent of the cups and John Kerry 16.99 percent. Bush leads in such swing states as Florida, Nevada and West Virginia, reported the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

As expected, both Illinois and Chicago are tilting Kerry’s way, the 7-Eleven poll shows. Swing states moving in his direction include Pennsylvania, Ohio and Colorado.
In 2000, the convenience store chain conducted its first presidential coffee cup poll. In September of that year, cups sporting “I’m voting for Bush” and “I’m voting for Gore” were available at participating stores. Customers could also opt for a third cup representing a third-party candidate or a “No Opinion” vote. Votes were scanned at the register.

On Oct. 9, 2000, 7-Eleven Inc. concluded that the year’s presidential race would be almost “too close to call,” giving a 1 percentage point edge to George W. Bush over Al Gore.
The unscientific 2000 breakdown was 21 percent for Bush, 20 percent for Gore, and 59 percent no opinion.
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