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7-Eleven Debuts New Coffee Brew

DALLAS -- Coffee-drinkers who prefer stronger, darker brews touted as coffeehouse blends have a new option on the 7-Eleven hot beverage bar. BRAZILIAN Bold is a new premium blend featuring select Arabica beans grown in the mountains of Central and South America. Priced at the same retail per cup as all other 7-Eleven hot beverages, this robust coffee complements the retailer’s selection of mild to strong blends and offers a value-priced alternative to coffeehouses and donut shops brews, 7-Eleven said.

"In blind taste tests, we found that coffee-drinking consumers really like our Exclusive Blend coffee," stated Paul Pierce, 7-Eleven’s senior director for merchandising. "We also learned that many young coffee-drinkers prefer a strong, rich flavor, so we developed a coffee to fit that flavor profile. Our new BRAZILIAN Bold scored just as high as strong flavors from national competitors in the taste tests we later conducted."

With its Exclusive Blend targeting consumers who prefer a milder coffee and the new BRAZILIAN Bold catering to those seeking a richer flavor, 7-Eleven rounds out its coffee trifecta with 100-percent Colombian coffee for those who like something in between, the chain said. Decaffeinated and flavored coffees -- like Hazelnut and French Vanilla -- hot chocolate and cappuccino drinks also continue to be popular.

"Our customers can create their own personalized hot drinks with no waiting in line to order or for someone else to prepare it, whether they prefer BRAZILIAN Bold straight-up, Colombian with hazelnut syrup and cream, or Exclusive Blend coffee mixed with hot cocoa and topped with cinnamon and mini-marshmallows," Pierce said in a statement. "Best of all, 7-Eleven offers a greater value, at around a dollar a cup -- no matter what goes into it -- versus typical coffeehouse prices of $3 to $4."

7-Eleven hot beverage bars feature five or more varieties of coffee; four flavored syrups (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and Irish crème); four toppings (cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and mini-marshmallows); hot chocolate; flavored cappuccino drinks; Half and Half and flavored creamers (French vanilla, hazelnut and Irish crème); sugar and artificial sweeteners; and several varieties of teabags to be brewed fresh with hot water.

Suggested retail price ranges from 99 cents to $1.79, based upon cup size (12 to 24 ounces) and geographic market, according to the Dallas-based company.
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