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7-Eleven Gets New ATM Contractor

WESTMONT, Ill. -- Efmark Premium Armored, the largest independent in the United States that focuses solely on servicing ATMs, signed an agreement with Fiserv EFT to provide maintenance and cash replenishment services for approximately 4,000 ATMs in 7-Eleven stores.

According to a news release, the multi-year deal is an expansion of an existing relationship between Efmark and Fiserv EFT, an electronic-funds-transfer services provider.

Under the new agreement, Efmark will provide a range of services, including first-line maintenance and cash replenishment, to help Fiserv EFT maintain ATM uptime and profitability for its clients, including 7-Eleven.

"As Fiserv EFT continues to expand our ATM management services, we constantly look for ways to minimize our clients' costs while keeping service at its peak," said Michael Williams, Fiserv EFT vice president. "Efmark's proven expertise and consistent performance on both sides of the ATM equation make it the ideal company for the job."

Fiserv EFT, a unit of Fiserv Inc., operates more than 16,500 ATMs. It also owns the ACCEL/Exchange Network.

"We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time, and our system integration capabilities are a key factor in making that happen for 7-Eleven," said Mark Hoppe, Efmark president and CEO.

Efmark will assume the new contract over a period of four months.

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